Power of Positivity, Gratitude & Recognition

In June 2017, I was offered the position of HR Business Partner in Insignia and I whole-heartedly accepted the offer. Upon joining the company, I felt a great resistance over sharing of data and everyone seems to hide the information with the peers and just do their work. I would usually go to my colleague and ask him to help me out with something and his reaction would be "Can you just wait for 1 hour as I am busy with few quick assignments and by that time I will be able to assist you?" I would do some other work and I would go back to him after an hour to listen to the same phrase of waiting. After a couple of tries, I lost myself to anger and I went staring to Head of the Department of HR and complaint about my colleague. Following the instructions of my Line Manager, I went to him and told him that boss is saying to provide this data as it is very urgent. He listened and rolled over his eyes and told me that he was also finishing his task assigned to him by the same pe

Lasting Social Trend: Recommended Prescription

I have been upset for quite a time for numerous reasons yet the social challenges contribute much difficulty to everyday life. Home is the time when you are seeking some peace in your private space but South East Asia is the region where sibling drama can take everlasting negative impression. There are four major reasons which is the cause of the sibling rivalries. Diagnosis Everyone knows having kids and raising them is very tricky. In a life of a child there comes four phases where the child gets much involved and then the base of family gets shattered. Over the period of time this broken mirror only show us a blur and unclear image of other family members. The major reason of this rivalry starts with the element of jealousy when we have the most favorite child “ The Chosen One ”. Over the period of time this chosen child gets attention and priority over other siblings. Hence the child become the major target and sooner or later he/she will be bashed. During the teen

Emotional Abuse

1. The person wont let you go home or see your friends very often or at all. 2. The person uses passive aggressive comments to you into doing what he/she wants. 3. The person makes you believe that you are too broken, ugly or useless to be wanted by someone else. 4. You need approval for everything. The person treats you like property not as a person. 5. The person continues to do things that he/she knows will upset you and blames it on you because you are "overreacting". 6. The person threatens to kill his/her self when you muster up the strength to leave so you stay and are manipulated even more. ABUSE is NOT always PHYSICAL. Courtesy by Little Things

جذباتی بدسلوکی Emotional Abuse

جذباتی بدسلوکی بہت اہم سماجی مسلئہ ہے. اس کی کچھ شناختیں مندرجہ ذیل میں بیان کی جا رہی ہیں: آپ کو مکمل طور پر یا اکثر و بیشتر اپنے دوستوں یا گھر والوں سے ملنے نہ دینا. غیر فعال جارحانہ تبصرہ کرتے ہوۓ صرف اپنی مرضی کے کام کروانا. آپ میں عدم اعتماد پیدا کرنا کہ آپ بدصورت اور ناکارہ ہیں اور آپ کو کوئی نہیں چاہتا آپ سے انسان کی بجانے بطور ملکیت پیش آنا. اور آپ کو ہر کام کے لئے اجازت منگوانا. جانتے  بوجھتے آپ کو پریشان کرنے والے کام کرنا . اور الزام بھی آپ پر لگانا کے آپ کے ردعمل کے اظہار کے  نتیجے میں سب معاملات خراب ہوے ہیں. جب بھی آپ چھوڑنے کی ہمت کا مظاہرہ کریں تو خود کو ختم کرنے کی دھمکی دیتے ہوۓ اپ کو روک لینا اور پہلے سے زیادہ استحصال کرنا. دوستوں، زیادتی/ بدسلوکی صرف جسمانی نہیں ہوتی. اس کے خلاف شعور پیدا کریں اور آوازاٹھائیں... بشکریہ  Little Things

What I Want v.s. What I am Capable of

Lots of People send me LinkedIn messages requesting for any employment opportunity in the company I work. Mostly, I follow the standard procedures and help them as far as it is possible. Sometimes, I receive a strange request like "Can I get a job which I want"? When I was evaluating the notion of 'what I want' and 'what I am capable of', there came a thought about the mentioned phrases. First, What I want is related to the desire which reflects the wishes of individual for themselves. Sometimes such view are inculcated   by others who always praise without reason. For example, saying that you have a great potential to a person who has no knowledge and experience of a particular field results in raising the false hopes. However, people are more judgmental and accurate in assessing others but they judge as per their own criteria and environment (not as per job requirement). Keeping such situations in mind, the image of self should be very clear when y

A Visit to Dubai - 2014

This blog was written a year back but just found it in the trash. After reading it, I came to know every word once written is important. Without any alteration in this blog, everything is in front of you. I belong to Pakistan which is considered to be the heaven of terrorist. People think of Pakistan as everyone is holding a Kalashnikov and pointing at the world's most peaceful citizens "Citizens of US". The general impression you get is that a person is blowing himself resulting in casualties. I do not prefer to watch TV and the only reason is that I do not get enough time to watch it. When I watch a serial or a Movie unfinished, it haunts me and I am miserable in such condition. Pakistani's are common people but they are unfortunate that their country has such an awesome strategic location for economic growth but it is ruined due to war economy and conflict. Due to the interest of hegemon , they seldom get a chance to get developed. I have never been to a